Divorce FAQs

It depends on the circumstances, if a divorce is granted through mutual consent it shall take 6 months. A divorce which is contested by the parties takes around 4-5 years or less depending on the situation.
In the given situation, you should try and talk to your husband and reach an agreement otherwise you can legally file for divorce and initiate the proceedings.
No, a decree for divorce can only be granted by a court of law and filed with the same
The financial well being of a spouse will be decided as per the terms of the agreement of divorce. A spouse may or may not be entitled to an amount depending on the circumstances.
Yes, Divorce proceedings can take place through divorce by mutual consent which is a speedy and amicable way by which both parties are granted divorce. After one year of separation, the couple can file apetition together for divorce by mutual consent.
Divorce proceedings can be filed in a court nearby the residence of either spouse.
No, a divorce is not possible in a live-in relationship. Live- in relationships are not treated at par with marriage and therefore do not qualify for a divorce.
No, registration of marriage is not necessary for divorce.
If the other party has not appeared in the second motion, then it can be contested legally in the court to file an application requesting the appearance of the other party.
Yes, you can file for divorce under the Special Marriage Act.
No, only a decree by a court is valid for divorce.
Usually parties have to appear in court themselves for relevant legal proceedings but due to some grave and genuine medical reason some other person may be authorized to appear in court. Even in such cases the court may ask one party to appear via video-conference.
If the husband is missing for 7 years or has deserted the wife for 2 years then it is a valid ground for divorce which has to be proven with sufficient evidence.
In a mutual divorce, both parties must have given consent and there shall not be any differences left in the matters related to contentions regarding alimony, custody of a child, maintenance, property, etc. There needs to be complete agreement between the spouses for the final decision on the dissolution of marriage.
Yes, that can be a valid ground to file for divorce if sufficient evidence is given to prove the same.
Yes, that can be a valid ground to file for divorce if sufficient evidence is given to prove the same.
A spouse can authorize someone else to appear in court in divorce proceedings due to a genuine medical reason.